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Fire Feeling

About Fire Feeling

Fire Feeling is a free campfire audio/video loop.

One day I felt like having a campfire on my monitor while I was working. I didn't want to go to YouTube and search for a video, all I wanted was just to type an address in a browser. I couldn't find such a site so I had to make it. Ideas started spiralling out of control, and here we are.

This Sure is Familiar...

Fire Feeling's creation was inspired by RainyMood.com™, a similar site but with rain instead of fire. They also have the "song of the day" feature in which they post a song from YouTube that goes well with the sound of rain. I've discovered some new music through RainyMood.com™ as a result; maybe Fire Feeling will do the same for you.

Fire Feeling and RainyMood.com™ are in no way affiliated with each other, but if you're in the mood try pairing the two together for a soothing mix of rain and fire.

Stay warm.

—Chris ×

Suggest a Song

Do you have a song that works well with Fire Feeling? Send it my way and I may just include it in the playlist!



Inspired by RainyMood.com.

Technical Stuff

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